Frequently Asked Questions

Our Service

At Berketex Bride, we want you to be able to enjoy the entire journey as a bride, from engagement to wedding, and that of course includes your selection of 'the' dress!

We know that it can be a confusing and even overwhelming process, but with our expert Stylists in every store, we provide you with objective advice based on many years of experience gained in helping 100's of brides find their perfect dress. We can advise you on which gown shapes might be most suitable for you, your wedding theme and your venue, assist you in trying them on, and offer guidance on selecting accessories to make the most of your chosen dress.

And don't forget that with our extensive range of bridesmaids dresses, our stylists have been trained in helping brides and their bridesmaids achieve a totally coordinated and fabulous look.

Whilst we welcome brides to come in to look around the selection of gowns available, we always recommend that you make an appointment for a one-to-one consultation with your own stylist, so that you can get the most out of your visit to one of our stores.

  1. Can I look around the gowns in the stores without having an appointment ? Of course, providing there is a stylist available to help you, and that there are not other brides being attended to at the same time. You may have to wait a few minutes for a stylist to become available. We would always recommend that you make an appointment for a one-to-one consultation to get the most out of your visit.
  2. What happens at the first appointment ? When you first arrive, one of our stylists will sit down with you and discuss your wedding plans, date, number of bridesmaids, venue, theme, and so on to get an idea of which gowns might be suitable. She will also look at any tear sheets from magazines that you bring along, to get an idea of the sorts of styles you like. You will be invited to look along the rails of gowns to pick out styles that you like, and then your stylist will help you into each one, pinning it to fit as necessary so you get a really good idea of how it could look on you.

  3. Am I limited to the number of gowns I can try on ? No. However your appointment will be for about 1 hour, and usually we find that you will manage to try on 5-6 gowns during that time.

  4. Can I bring my mum or a friend ? Of course. We understand that you will want to have their help in making your selection, and we welcome them.

  5. Do I have to choose my dress at the first appointment ? No. However we often find that when a bride tries on 'the perfect dress' she won't want to try on anything else, or wait a moment longer! It is very true that when you find the right dress for you, you just somehow know it! If you want to have someone come along for further advice, we recommend that you pick out 1 or 2 favourites from those tried on so it will be easier the next time to make your final choice.

  6. Do you have any Ready To Wear dresses ? Most of our stores will carry some ready to wear dresses, however our gowns are generally made to order, with alterations made nearer to your wedding if necessary. Any necessary alterations will start during the month of the wedding itself. 

  7. How can I pay for my gown ? You can pay by cash, card or cheque.